NCERT textbooks in the place of GCERT in Classes III, V and VII

“The Government of the province of Gujarat has acquired the acquiescence in order to execute the NCERT textbook to the Gujrat Board. It is not that the State Board will be superseded by the Central Board Of Secondary Education (CBSE),” said a high ranked GSHSEB  appointee.Nitin Pethani, Executive President of Gujarat State School Textbook Board(GSSTB) acknowledged,”few symposiums have been accomplished for the acquisition of the NCERT textbooks for the classes in the picture.Mr Bupindrasinh Chudasama, Education Minister said.”The Education Department has felt the importance and necessity of the implementation of the NCERT textbooks since quite a few times now as it has been escalated in different quarters.

The Gujarat State Government is forethought to supersede the Gujarat Secondary And Higher Secondary Education Board (GSHSEB) textbooks and syllabus with the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) textbooks in grade III, V and VII across the Province of Gujarat starting from the forthcoming academic year, 2018 succeeded by the discussions and debates over the efficaciousness of the Gujarat State Board textbooks followed by rehearsing the miserable performance shown by the students in Medical and Engineering Entrance Exam.The substitution to be executed in Gujarati Medium too. Hence, for the conversion of the NCERT textbooks is in the process by the Gujarat State School Textbook Board (GSSTB). Education Minister Mr Bhupendrasinh Chudasama said,”The Education Department not only realised the necessity of implementing and publishing the NCERT textbooks but has been in demand since few quarters followed by several requests too.

As the NCERT syllabus being implemented in Gujarat schools, there is going to be requirement of better performance by the students. It will help the students to stand with their peer at par with equality from the whole country.The Department of Education did clear that the classes will be determined and selective as it's going to be the foundation years in the primary section.”The state government welcomed the acquiescence in order to execute the NCERT textbooks to our State Board.State. A high ranked GSHSEB  appointee for the Gujarat state Mr Nitin Pethani did mention that ” it is unlikely that the State Board will be replaced by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).”Executive President of the Gujarat State Schol Textbook Board (GSSTB) did authenticate about the procedure and guidance that has been taken before the implementation and acquisition of the NCERT textbooks which has been followed by several stages of conferences and consultation took place before the implementation of NCERT textbooks for these grades (grade-III, V & VII).The executive did mention that even though they have one year in hand, the translation of the subjects to be done within the stipulated time for these grades.The state Education Department had already launched the project in advance in 11 districts of Gujarat in the during the academic year 2016-2017.

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