Modified syllabus-2013 and SQP with Sample Questions

Modified syllabus-2013 and SQP with Sample Questions based on values in the subjects English (Elective), English (Core), English (Functional), Hindi (Elective), Hindi (Core),  Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Accountancy, History, Geography, Business Studies, Entrepreneurship and Economics to be used for Board Examination for Class XII, March 2013.

Further to circular number  Acad-22 dated June 19, 2012 regarding Introduction of ‘Value’ based questions in the design of question papers in all major subjects in classes XII w.e.f. academic session 2012-13, the following information needs to be shared with all teachers, students and parents 

 - ‘Value’ based questions have been added to the extent of only 3 to 5 marks in major subjects given above. 

 - Modified syllabus enclosed must be referred to and not Curriculum Document 2013 for the above mentioned subjects. 


As conveyed in the above mentioned circulars, please find  enclosed with this circular the following two documents in the subjects mentioned above as indicated below:

1. Modified syllabus and design for class XII March 2013 Board Examination in above subjects.

2. Sample Question Paper containing a sample question based on ‘Values’ for 3 to 5 marks


S No Subject Code No. Annexure -

Click on the subjects to get the syllabus and Sample Question Papers

This batch of class XII will not be taking Assessing Speaking and Listening Skills (ASL) or Problem Solving Assessment (PSA), which is only applicable from Class XI of this session (2012-2013). You are requested to  arrange for wide dissemination in all the subjects  among all students, teachers and parents. The Annexures may be studied carefully and widely disseminated.

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