Make A Timetable To Study Better

How many times have we heard our parents lecture us on the importance of having a set schedule? How many times have they told us about fixing a timetable and setting a routine to complete all our studies on time? You might have lost count I'm sure. But let's stop for a minute and think. Why are they constantly nagging us about these things? There surely must be a reason behind it. And yes there definitely is.

So in the next few paragraphs, we will be talking about the importance of making a timetable to help you achieve wonders when it comes to studying and exams.

Preparations and Revisions on Time

When you open up your books and sit down to study a day before your exam, doesn't it quite scare you? All students have managed to develop this ability to finish studying everything a night before, but how much satisfaction does it truly give you. If even once you have managed to study well in time, to prepare beforehand and not leave things till the last minute, it gives a feeling of satisfaction and pleasure which is quite unmatched.

If you are someone who has never done that, even on a single instance, then you my dear are missing out on the simple pleasure of life.

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Make Time Table for Small Duration

Timetables are made to 'not be followed,' is quite a common saying among students nowadays. But trust me, the day you decide to follow your timetable, life will have a whole new meaning. I am not saying this as a parent who is always constantly nagging their child to study, I am saying this from the perspective of a friend who knows that having a plan always helps to make things easier. Start small, make a timetable for just a week.

Don't overreach and plan out your life for the next two months, but just decide how much time you will give to studies in the next one week. Also include revising NCERT Solutions in your timetable as it is one of the important aspect of syllabus. Set up slots for sleeping, eating, studying, playing, leisure time, reading and everything else you want to accommodate. But make sure that the studying time is not the least of all!

Set Up Daily Goals

Aim to follow your timetable one day at a time. Wake up every morning and tell yourself that your goal for the day is to get things done according to how 'you' have decided for 'yourself.' Don't let your parents or your teachers interfere in making your timetable. Assess your own qualities and decide how much time you can give to studying in a day. Start off with maybe 1 full hour a day and when you feel you can, increase it to 2 or 3. When your exams are near, increase it to 5 or 6.

You cannot just wake up one day and decide to finish a year's syllabus in a day's time. Even if you manage finishing it, you will never fully remember what you studied. But if you studied well in advance, you can actually relax on the night before your exam, because you will feel so well prepared.

Be Consistent

No one expects you to suddenly become a genius in a matter of few weeks or months, but what they do expect is for you to take control of your own life. 'You are the master of your fate,' right? No one is going to come and write your exam for you. And when you have spent weeks preparing well in advance, there is nothing that can stop you from achieving the highest marks in class.

A simple technique of following your own timetable and allowing yourself that extra study time every day, will go a long way in securing your future.

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So start today, make your plan, write it on a big piece of paper and stick it next to your mirror. Wake up every day, look at it, look at yourself in the mirror and make a promise to your own self, 'I will follow my timetable Today' and trust me, your life will take a turn for the better!


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