Last Minute Tips to Score High in Boards

There are just a few days left for the 12th and 10th Boards exams of CBSE to begin. Keeping this in mind, following are some tips, hacks, and advice from learned people and toppers about how you can study last minute to further enhance your performance. Your performance in the exams depends greatly on your effort throughout the year. Hard work is the key to success and since you surely would have put in effort before and must be clear with all your concepts.

Here are some ideas for last minute preparation.

Weightage to board exams

The board exams are given 80% weightage in the overall marking whereas assessment in class is given 20%. This 20%  is divided as periodic assessment which holds 10 marks, notebook completion which holds 5 marks and subject enrichment activity which holds 5 marks. The student needs to score 33% to pass in each of the two divisions. So prepare accordingly.

Focus on revision

You cannot sit one day before the exam and hope to complete your entire syllabus in that time. So since you would have already cleared all your topics and learned up everything, focus on revising those topics. Create a timetable for each subject topic wise to ensure you end up covering everything in the time that is left. Another thing you should do while revising is that you should do writing practice. This will not only help you in writing faster in your exams but also ensure the concept are set in stone and you remember them all very well.

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Since you would have had a good writing practice, this will help you write well in your exams and that good handwriting can help you gain a few extra marks as well. A win-win situation.

Manage your time well

Since you only have a few days left to prepare you must make sure that you manage your time well and set a fixed timetable for your studies. This timetable needs to be in accordance with your biorhythm or bio-clock.

It is convenient for some students to study early in the morning whereas some can only study late in the night. Whatever style suits you, stick to it and make sure you divide all your subjects and topics according to the time you have. If you are a Maths lover then you must understand quadrilaterals for better understanding and good marks.

Importance of physical activity

It is important to note that physical activity helps in boosting our hormones which helps clear the mind and allows us to focus better. This is quite necessary if you want to study well and with full concentration. A simple run or jog of half an hour per day is more than enough to get your blood pumping and oxygen running. During jogging you can listen to an Audio for English Essay Preparation.

Try to regulate your exercise so that you don't spend the last few days just exercising and not studying. Balance both well.

The relationship between parents and children

The role of parents is especially important in the last few days because they need to be motivating and reinforcing their children to do well. A parent should never compare their children to others and especially not do so when the exams are approaching.

Give your children positive reinforcement, take them for a small outing, give them a small gift and motivate them to do well. Do not keep condescending and lecturing them on studying, but trust them to be responsible enough to do so themselves.

Use of technology

Taking away your child's phone or laptop right before the exam may lead to some negative feelings against the parents. Technology is also a defining element in a child's future so don't deprive children of it. Rather regulate their usage to ensure they don't lose focus and only use it as much as required.

How the topper prepared

One of the toppers from last year has claimed that she referred to all her NCERT books and revised everything starting from February itself. She made small notes of everything while revising to referred to them later on. She kept increasing the daily study time as the exams approached but also kept some time for laying and outdoor activities as well. The day before the exam she referred to her notes and practiced all the important topics.

So keep in mind these small guidelines and prepare for your exams, you will definitely manage to ace them and come out with flying colours!

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