An imposed law for all schools on profiteering fee structure

The State Government has imposed a law for all schools across, including State Board, Self-Financing and CBSE schools to regulate their fees. This law was imposed by the government on Monday.

The government is very much concerned about the malpractices being done by some of the schools on their fees. So, a serious step has been taken to regulate their fees structure. The Government has even submitted a written record to Gujarat High Court (HC) challenging that there are more than 2,000 schools who are indulged in having a raise fee structure for the students.

The government is very much clear that it cannot allow any schools to indulge in and overcharging the students in all other various forms and making education most difficult for pursuing it. The government has its power to interfere in any institutions and can change the regulations of the institutions.

It is really open and evident for us the charge schools are having, for Example, some of the schools charge for primary section Rs.2.5 lakh and for secondary sections Rs.5 lakh. Why the Fees rates are too high and how did these changes come into existence or where these Fees structures all start. Even Colleges are fairer in their Fees when compared to schools.

These laws are imposed for the one main objective to reduce the Capital fees and all the other extra fees from schools. These types of practices must be reduced immediately because education is not business to be done by money it is more than that which cannot be bought by money also.

“Education must be taught it must not be Bought”.

There are some schools across where they have fees level lees than prescribed by Law. And some schools have even challenged the law and some of the schools have not even responded back yet.

The government has the most important role in saving students who are been caught up because of these practices that Exist. Education must be handled and given to the people by the government, if that works out and done properly there would be no need in raising of new Self Financial schools across. The struggles and the malpractices over Education will be reduced.

Efficient steps like this by the Government can help a number of uneducated students and for some children who lost their education due to the pressure of fees rates by CBSE schools

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