Importance of doing CBSE Sample Papers

All of you must have heard the famous saying, 'We must learn about our past and learn from it.' This goes true not only for your History lessons when you must take inspiration from great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi or Rani Lakshmi Bai, but it also stands true for practicing sample papers before you sit for your own exams. These sample papers may not give you the exact questions that will come in your paper, but they will definitely help you be prepared a little more.

Once you finish all your syllabus on time, you must keep some time in hand for solving the papers given as samples for your CBSE examinations.

1. Better prediction of questions in the exam.

These papers are prepared keeping in mind the general tendency of how CBSE sets their question papers. They are prepared by people who keep monitoring the question papers over the years to develop a certain pattern of the kinds of questions asked every time. They might not be great educators and professors holding PhDs, but they sure have tons of experience by taking note of the questions which have been asked over a period of years by the CBSE. On an average, if you solve at least 5-10 papers for each of your subjects, you can rest assured that they will cover anything from 30-40 marks of your paper.

2. A tool to remember your syllabus better.

Solving these papers will not only help you be prepared for the kind of questions that may come in the exam but will also help you revise all the knowledge you've learnt in a better manner. Writing practice is something that helps everyone as a sure shot method of remembering your chapters. But if you manage to do this practice while solving papers, that is without question the best way of them all. You will be writing down whatever you have learnt in a way that will be asked to you in the examination, so it is definitely the most ideal way to practice your syllabus.

Download sample paper for class 10 for better preparation.

3. Practice your time taken to solve papers.

Another great advantage of practicing via sample papers is the fact that you will manage to do a timed practice. You can set a timer for yourself for 2 hours and since that paper is specifically designed for a period of two hours, you can divide your timing for each section and each question and aim to finish it all well in time. This timed practice will also help you manage your time in a way that you can save the last 10 minutes for revision to ensure there are no silly mistakes you have made.

4. Cover all your syllabus completely.

When you solve a number of question papers they will help you in completing all the syllabus as the there will be a vast amount of questions. Every year there will be different questions asked from each chapter meaning that even if you solve a good 5-10 sample papers you will have surely covered all the syllabus in your books.

Checkout CBSE syllabus for class 12.

So if you can't sit for hours mugging up each line in each chapter, start solving papers.

CBSE sample papers are a sure shot way to have a good practice before your examinations and to ensure that you are prepared to the fullest extent before you actually sit for the exam. Make a timetable and plan out your study days in a way which ensures that you have enough time to practice the papers well in advance before your exams. Rest assured, this technique will not disappoint you.

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