How to Increase concentration while studying?

Concentration while studying is as important. Without concentration no matter how long you have been sitting for nothing could be learnt. Like many things concentration is not something you can achieve in a night or so you have to work on it for a while. Here are some tips from some studios that may help you to improve concentration and score good.

Find your motivation: many students go on youtube to watch some motivational speeches or story of some influential people but all that is temporary. Motivation should come from your heart and for that you must be curious to learn.

Try to be early bird: scientific studies have shown that the chances of higher concentration are more at morning than at night. Mornings are silent, fresh and stress free so studying than may result in higher concentration for you also.

Take a break from social media: social media is a highly time consuming activity or should I say addiction to most of the students. So just take a break from social media and invest that time in your studies.

Meditate or exercise regularly: “a healthy mind lives in a healthy body” is an old saying so try to meditate or exercise regularly by exercise I don’t mean going to gym or investing in a expensive yoga class just go for a run or a walk or maybe just watch meditation video and practice it.

Eat right: avoid fast food or processed food during exam season. Fast food or processed food consumption results in fatigue which is not good for health fatigue further results in sleepiness.

Avoid group studies: we all know plan of group studies is never a success. Friends come together for group study and end up gossiping about something of playing games. So avoid group studies and study alone.

Try to understand than mere learning: our brain functions more efficiently while we focus more on understanding the topic than just learning it. Understanding needs more concentration and thus activates the prefrontal cortex and parietal cortex (towards the back of brain) and whatever you have studied your mind retains that for a long while.

Make a routine: like every other human function concentration do need a lot of time and practice. Thus make a routine for studying that suits your daily schedule and stick to it. Make time for each subject and follow up with what you did previous day. Studies show that brain just grasp 50% when we study a topic for first time and 70% is grasped when we study it again.

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