How to approach CBSE for your queries

CBSE has been receiving too many queries directly from students and parents to their head office. CBSE has regional offices which have been set up to handle regional matters and also solve the queries of schools and students coming in their region. In this regard CBSE has issued the following important circular for the benefit of students and parents.

You are aware that Central Board of Secondary Education is having 10 Regional Offices across the country to serve to the schools and students under their jurisdiction. Details of the Regional Offices and their jurisdiction is given on CBSE's website.

Regional Offices plays vital role in supporting schools and students to resolve their issues as per Examination Bye-Laws of the CBSE. As per policy and procedure mentioned in Examination Bye-Laws, all the requests received from stakeholders are processed by the Regional Office. These requests are either decided by the concerned Regional Officer or the Chairperson/Controller of Examinations at the Head Quarter, Delhi as per delegation of powers.

In the recent past, it has been observed that Principals/schools, students and parents are directly sending requests to the Senior Officers, CBSE, Head Quarters, Delhi. As these requests cannot be processed at Head Quarters and hence these requests are forwarded to Regional Office concerned for processing. This delays the action on the requests.

To avoid delay following guidelines are being issued: -

All Head of the schools should send their correspondence to the Regional Office concerned only

Parents/Students be made aware by the schools that if they wish to make any request, the same should be made to the school only.

Head of the school will make the recommendations as per Examination Bye Laws and send the request to the concerned Regional Office.

Subject for which request is to be made to the Regional Offices is given in Annexure - I. Yearwise information about issuing of duplicate documents and the Regional Office is given in Annexure-11. Fee for issuing duplicate documents is given in Annexure-Ill.

It is therefore, advised to make the request accordingly through proper channel for prompt and timely action at the end of the CBSE.

S.No. Subjects

1 Matter related to Examinations

2 Matter related to Academic Qualifications for Undertaking Examinations

3 Matter related to Condonation of Shortage of Attendances in Examination

4 Matter related to Exemption from Examination in the Third Language

5 Matter related to Exemption/Concession by PWD Students

6 Matter related to Use of Amanuensis and Appointment of Amanuensis

7 Matter related to Change in Subject(s)

8 Matter related to Payment of Fees

9 Matter related to Holding over of Fees

10 Matter related to Refund of Fee

11 Matter related to Fixation of Examination Centres

12 Matter related to Change of Examination Centre

13 Matter related to Unfair Means Cases

14 Matter related to Scheme of Examinations and Pass Criteria

15 Direct Admission in Class X & XII

16 Evaluation related matters

17 Request for issue of Duplicate Certificates Results (Requests may be sent to R.O's as per details given in annexure-11)

18 Correction/Change in Candidate's Name, Father's Name, Mother's Name, Date of Birth

19 Verification of marks/ photocopy of Answer Book/ Revaluation

20 Verification of Old Results (Requests may be sent to R.O's as per details given in annexure-11)

Click here for Details of Regional Offices of CBSE

Fee for Duplicate Documents


Duplicate Triplicate copy of Class XII Marksheet or Certificate, Class X Marksheet/Certificate/ Gradesheet cum Certificate of Performance

Amount of Fee ( )


Upto 5 years from year of passing



More than 5 and upto 10 years from year of passing



More than 10 years and upto 20 years of passing



More than 20 years from year of passing



Migration certificate or its duplicate copy



Date of birth certificate



Provisional Certificate



Urgent Tatkal fee for duplicate document in addition to fee mentioned above



Correction in certificate/Marksheet (date of birth, name)etc.



Verification of Statement of Marks/Certificate of Class X or XII or both for a particular candidate (except the cases received from Government Department), per document fee.


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