Healthy Eating Habits for Students

How often have your parents lectured you on the importance of healthy eating habits? Quite a lot, we assume. Though it may sound like something a parent is bound to constantly lecture their children about, and though it may not seem important at all, it is super important and vital for you, especially as a student.

Healthy eating habits don't just mean you need to eat green leafy vegetables and all those other things which you hate the most, but it includes a lot more. A healthy diet will not only contribute to your physical health but will also help your brain work faster and more effectively.

Here are eating habits that you must follow without fail.

1. Always start the day with a good breakfast

The importance of having a good healthy breakfast cannot be emphasized enough. If your day starts with some decent nutrition, you will be much more energized and happier to take on a new day. The breakfast 'breaks your fast' from the previous night and contributes well to your health.

2. Drink plenty of water

If our body is made up of 50-60% water, what makes you think you can compromise on that front. Staying hydrated will not only make your brain work faster but will help you have clear skin, avoid dehydration and help your body function well.

3. Have small meals throughout the day

The usual trend of having breakfast, lunch, and dinner is okay enough, but if you really want to start eating healthy, then have small portions of food equally spread over your day. Don't focus on three heavy meals, rather have multiple small servings of food.

4. Have an early dinner

If you have a very heavy dinner right before you sleep off, your body doesn't get the time to process it all before it switches off for the day. So make sure you have a light dinner and have it well before you sleep so that it can be well digested by your body.

5. Focus on eating healthy snacks

Every time you sit down to study, there's this craving you have of something to munch on, right? Despite how delicious that packet of chips or bag of chocolates might look, hold on and try to go for something healthier. It's okay to eat unhealthy food once in a while, but try to cut back as much as you can.

6. Gorge on those colourful fruits

You may not be a big fan of vegetables, but fruits are loved by almost everyone. They are also super attractive and the more colours you pick up, the more varied your diet will be and the more vitamins and minerals your body will take in..

7. Increase on your calcium intake

The stage at which you are requires a lot of calcium intake to prevent problems like osteoporosis later on in life. Have a glass or two of mil every day and if you don't like it, substitute it with yoghurt or cheese or green vegetables, but make sure you take in that calcium.

8. Enjoy whatever you eat

If you are eating something just because your parents are forcing you, it defeats the whole purpose of eating them. Food is supposed to make you happy, so if something doesn't make you happy, try substituting it with something else which provides the same nutrition and enjoy all your meals.

These are just a few habits which should be a part of your daily life to grow well and be able to study well. Start incorporating them into your lifestyle and we can assure that you will see a change yourself.


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