Harmful Effects of Gadgets on Students

Mobile phones, laptops, iPods, tablets, you name a gadget and it is available for use in today's technologically advanced era. Technology and these gadgets have become quite an integral part of our lives so to say.

Every day a new gadget is being introduced and humans are getting more and more dependent on technology for their day to day needs. There is probably not a single activity left in the world which cannot be performed by a gadget or by using technology in one form or another. While this technology may prove to be quite helpful and make lives easier for us, like every good thing, it has its harmful effects as well.

Let's talk about these effects on students and how it hampers their day to day life.

1. Lack of physical activity

It goes without saying that when a child has a mobile phone to their disposal and can play innumerable games on it, they will definitely avoid going outside and engaging in physical activity or playing real games on the ground. Physical activity is not only important for their physical health and well being but also for improving their brain functioning, and both these things are affected due to them getting hooked on to gadgets the whole day.

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2. Low levels of concentration

Though multitasking is a good quality to possess, sometimes it just doesn't do justice to the activities being performed. The best example of this is using your gadgets while studying. In order to fully concentrate on your studies, you need to distance yourself from your phones and laptops, however, many students keep checking their gadgets every now and then which causes a break in their concentration and hinders the studying process.

3. Problems in sleeping at a young age

This fact is one which has been scientifically proven because the blue light which is emitted from the screen display prevents in the release of melatonin. This hormone is an important one when it comes to sleep and thus, if it isn't released properly can cause problems in sleeping as well as sleep disorders at a young age itself. A Good Night’s Sleep is very important for everyone especially students.

4. Risks of a rise in aggression

The more freedom a child is given when it comes to accessing uncensored things on the internet, the more a child can deviate and go on the wrong track. This especially holds true for watching acts of violence on the internet or in movies, using these gadgets. The parents are often unaware of this happening and in turn, continued access to such things may increase the risk of violent and aggressive behaviour, mostly in teenagers.

5. Decreased attention span

Another great barrier to the progress of students is a decrease in their attention span due to overuse of gadgets. Research suggests that the average attention span of a student has dropped to 8 seconds from 12 seconds. This can greatly affect their concentration and ability to learn in class, thereby hampering their overall studies.

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It is important to note that though there may be harmful effects of technology and gadgets, there are also some advantages. What needs to be kept in mind is that 'Overuse of anything can be dangerous.' The same goes for gadgets. So parents should make sure that their children have access to gadgets in moderation and under supervision, at least till a certain age and till they are mature enough to know what is good for them.

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