Get more than 90 in Maths Exams

CBSE board exams are going to be conducted in the next few months, and students are trying their best to get the good marks in the examination. Even though students studying in CBSE schools put maximum effort, mathematics subject alone remain a nightmare for many CBSE students till now. To help their students in the proper way, school teachers and mathematics experts are giving good advice to the candidates regularly. According to the teachers, advice and tips are regularly given to the students to lift them when they feel down during the mathematics exam preparation. Also, special classes are taken especially for the mathematics exam in many CBSE schools to help the students score more.

All the CBSE schools have already started the revision and coaching for the weak as well as talented students to score more than 90% marks in the upcoming Class-10 Mathematics Exam. Coaching and Practices are also given to the students to understand the syllabus in the right way.

Every class 10 students are asked to have a clear understanding of the subjects, marking scheme and mark distribution to determine the total time take to complete the individual topic. In many schools, students are asked to focus on the prescribed NCERT books and Solutions as these book authors explained the core concept very well.

School teachers recommend the students to have the practice and revision sessions daily for each topic because according to the teachers, regular practices will only bring good marks in mathematics. Students are also asked to practice more and more in their free time as mathematics is one such subject which needs to practice extra to get more than 90% in the Class-10 Mathematics Exam. According to the mathematics experts, students need to read the question well before they answer it. Trying to understand the questions helps the students to solve it quite easily.

According to the teaching experts, maintaining a separate note to take down the theories, formulas, and methods help students to memorize it quickly during the last minute. On the last day no can search and find the entire formulas and theories, so notes will help to prepare well before the exam day. In addition, teachers instruct students to practice the graphs and figures in the portion to score better.

According to the mathematics experts, solving the previous year class 10 mathematics exam and the sample papers in the NCERT books boosts the problem-solving speed and confidence level of the students. Students are asked to solve at least the last 5-year board exam papers to know the correct pattern and difficulty level.

Teachers are strictly telling each and every student to work more on the weak areas after identifying through the sample tests. All the students are asked to clear the doubts with the school teachers as soon as possible for the transparency. Finally, the most important advice which every mathematics expert telling the students is to not to get scared of the mathematics subject because Mathematics is a tricky subject, not a difficult one.


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