DU Registration Process Delayed from April 15 to May 1

As per the latest updates, the Delhi University has made certain changes in their curricular system. Earlier, Delhi University had announced the registration date was 15th April 2019.

Now the news coming from the DU is Delhi University postponed the admission process for both under-graduation and post-graduation courses. Now the registration process is likely to begin on the first May 2019. Besides this, the university’s admission committee is making frequent changes in the admission procedure.

According to the admission committee, Registrations are might be starting from May 1, 2019, as the preparations aren’t yet over. Once the new policies and procedures are ready, they will come with a revised schedule.

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Delhi University consider student’s need, this academic year

According to the reports, there are so many agreements pending yet on which committee member has to come and take decisions over many proposed changes. Meanwhile, the university is also planning to do certain changes from the current year like applicants have the opportunity to edit their forms even after submission and also change the choice of college during the admission process.

Admissions for ECA and Sports Quota

Several committee members are disagreeing with the criteria of marks allocation to the sports and the extracurricular activities (ECA) category. The committee has presented to give 5% of seats for the students who belong to these categories. The count of seats may vary from college to college. For the implementation of such kind of decision, the following decision has to be passed through the academic and the executive councils. For the change of stream from school to college, DU has already instructed to decrease the marks from 5 percent to 2 percent. Further, the admissions of ECA and sports quota will begin soon.

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Direct access to student’s data, DU talks with CBSE

Moreover, the delay could also be because the DU is continuously talking with CBSE to establish a link of student’s database so that they can easily access all the information like mark sheets, certificates directly. This will help both the administrative staff and for the students, as students not need to carry any kind of documents with them. The process is still undergoing.

Before CBSE Results out: No use of starting the registration

As per the officials said there is no point of starting the admission process before the declaration of CBSE results. As CBSE results will be declared in the 3rd week of May, though there is no motive to start the admissions process early.

Delhi High Court had advised CBSE to announce the Board Results sooner

As all we know last year, Delhi High Court had given strict orders to the CBSE to announce the board results and complete the reassessment requests before the start of the Delhi University admission process. Last year the board results were announced on May 26 after the DU admissions which created a lot of trouble for the students seeking for the re-evaluation.

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To overcome the respective problem, this year CBSE has started Class 12th exams from February 15th so that both the administrative staff and students won’t face this problem again.

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