CBSE Will Stop Many of its Topics Due To Negligible Enrolments

As per the latest updates, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is thinking to stop many of its subjects.

There are existing subjects in which students don’t take interest at all. In past few years there are subjects which are not entertained by the students so CBSE feels that these are better to shut these kind of subjects.

The CBSE board has asked for suggestions from the schools regarding the same matter. These subjects will be announced soon. According to the board, there will be some vocational subjects as well which will be stopped in the curriculum.

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The main reason why CBSE is doing do is, only a few students have enrolled in these subjects in past few years.

Here are the stats for the 3 subjects of class 12th namely Theatre Studies, Human Rights and Gender Studies. For each of these subjects only 1 student per subject was enrolled last year across the entire country. The students are given the authority to choose from these optional subjects but the enrolment numbers are negligible.

These subjects are not necessary to adopt by every school. There were a total of 55 optional subjects for the class 12 last year but the number of students enrolled for these elective subjects were very low. 

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As per the officials these subjects will be reviewed and final list of subjects to be stopped will be released.

Following is the list of subjects that the board is planning to stop:

  1. Theater Studies

  2. Human Rights and Gender Studies  

  3. Library and Infrastructure Science 

  4. Health Center Management 

  5. Karnataka Music 

  6. Mohiniattam Dance

  7. Agriculture

  8. Food Production 

  9. Tourism

  10. Retail etc.

Schools are not ready to continue these subjects as a very few students want to enrol in these. Continuing these subjects will increase the overhead expenses of schools in terms of teacher, equipments and training process.

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