CBSE will Not Hold Single Entrance Exams

Starting from next year the central board of secondary education is not going to conduct NEET like single entrance exam for engineering. This decision came on Sunday from the human resource development ministry.

The Human resource development ministry pointed that even though it will not be possible to hold single engineering entrance exams, it will soon put forward a decision after the AICTE submits its views on this matter, it will be AICTE’s report to finalize whether to conduct a single entrance for engineering in future or not. 

HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar said that “AICTE will submit a report on whether to conduct the single entrance exam for engineering in the future or not”. said HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar.

“The issue of single entrance exam is still pending and a committee will submit its recommendations. So, no single entrance exam will be conducted next year. Depending on the recommendation of the committee, we will take a further decision,” HT quoted the minister as saying.

It must be noted that India has around 3,400 engineering colleges which are affiliated to different universities but only half of the seats will be vacant every year. Currently, the admission for engineering is based on examinations conducted by states, and CBSE conducts JEE main for Centre funded institutions, at the same time private colleges practices their own set of examinations for admission.

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