CBSE students can Opt for Artificial Intelligence and Yoga from April 2019

CBSE has approved the introduction of Artificial Intelligence, early childhood care education, and yoga as new subjects in the upcoming session of April 2019.

According to the new curriculum CBSE also introducing a few new subjects for the upcoming session starting from April 2019 like Artificial Intelligence, early childhood care education, and yoga. Out of those students have to choose optional subjects according to their field of interests. CBSE has introduced those optional subjects for class nine only. This is a very bold step by CBSE considering the new happenings around the world.

With the addition of Artificial Intelligence, CBSE will be focusing on dealing with ‘geopolitical’ problems. This will empower students to think beyond the traditional subjects. CBSE also have the freedom to start a course on AI for class eight, if the school agrees with that.

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To boost the interdisciplinary approach in learning and also to sense the new generation, CBSE says that school may start AI "Inspire module" of 12 hours in Class VIII itself. This will imbibe pre notion for Artificial Intelligence among these young students.

From the upcoming academic session, April 2019, yoga and early childhood care education will also be a part of Senior Secondary Level. This will be interesting to see as well.

Other Subjects

Now class 10 students will also have a chance to choose a sixth skill paper along with the running five compulsory papers. This will be a sole choice of a student.

If a student fails in any one of the compulsory subjects, such as science, mathematics and social science then he/she can use sixth skill paper as a substitution of the following one.

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That means, the result will be calculated based on the student’s best performance in the top 5 subjects. It will give students a sense of security and they can opt what they are interested in.

Also, the candidates will have the liberty to appear again in the failed subject which is again a step in the favor of students.

Moreover, CBSE has instructed that schools have to recommend at least one Skill subject at Senior Secondary Level.

Procedure of opting Skill subjects

  1. For opting the Skill subjects, school will be required to send the application to the board.
  2. The last date for the submission of application for Skill subjects is 31st March 2019.
  3. The board will scrutinize the applications and give a green signal to schools for the same.
  4. The schools have to ensure a competitive teacher for the skill subjects.

Overall this is a big step in transforming the traditional education and giving students a competitive edge to test waters in different skill oriented subjects.

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