CBSE Sample Papers Importance and benefits

Q1: What are CBSE Sample Papers?

Ans1:  CBSE Sample papers are mock tests which are made as per the latest syllabus, guidelines and blueprints issued by CBSE every year. These sample papers are made exactly in the same pattern as the papers which come in the examinations. Usually all sample papers are of 100 marks and are issued to students atleast couple of months prior to the examinations so that the students can practice and prepare for the examinations.

Q2: Who issues the sample papers?

Ans2:  The Sample papers for classes 10th and class 12th are issued by CBSE atleast a month prior to the board exams. These sample papers are made by the panel of teachers at CBSE. The sample papers are issued so that the students can understand what to expect in the upcoming board exams. For other classes like Class 11th, Class 9th, Class 8th and other junior classes, the sample papers are made by teachers in the schools itself and issued to the children for practice.

Q3: Why should the student do CBSE Sample Papers?

Ans3: CBSE Sample Papers are a great way to practise for examinations and are a must to do item prior to any exam. Whether its school based term examinations or board exams for class 10 or class 12, all students must make sure that they do sample papers once their course revision is finished and they think they are ready to give the exams. Some of the many benefits of doing CBSE sample papers are given below:

a) Test yourself: If you do the sample papers you test yourself, you are able to check whether your understanding of the entire subject is complete or not. Once you go through all the questions in the sample papers you are yourself able to judge whether you are confident to answer all questions correctly or not. Wherever you feel that you are not confident are your weak areas.

b) Time management: As said earlier, all CBSE sample papers are generally of 3 hour long. You should create examination conditions at home and ensure you are able to finish the entire sample paper within the given timeslot. Take help of your parents to help you keep track of time. If you are taking longer than expected time, it means you need to practice more to increase your speed.

c) Examination fear: Most students are afraid of sitting in the examination hall with a lengthy paper in front of them. They are also scared that they might not understand the questions which will come in the exams. The best way to overcome this fear is to practice CBSE Sample Papers. One you have done atleast 7-10 sample papers prior to the exams, you will feel more confident and your practice of writing answers within the time frame will be much better.

d) Timely rectify your mistakes: It’s better to do mistakes at home rather than in the examination. Once you start practicing CBSE Sample Papers you will initially see lot of mistakes in your answers. Get the answers checked by your teacher or compare them with the answer booklets. As you practice more papers your mistakes will reduce and you will feel more confident.

e) Identify silly mistakes: We have seen many times that we think we know a topic and we can solve any question coming from that topic but when we actually sit down in the exams and answer such topic then we do some silly mistakes because of which marks are deducted. To identify such mistakes when you do the sample papers then you are able to identify and get surprised that you have done such small mistakes.

f) Examination strategy: This is the most important point, once you start practicing you are able to identify your strong and weak areas. We have seen some students prefer to do long answer questions at the beginning of the exam and some prefer to do short answer questions as they think they will get tired by the time they start to answer long answer questions. During your practice sessions are able to identify this and will be accordingly apply the technique during the exams.

Q4: How to practice CBSE Sample Papers?

Ans4: The best way to practice sample papers is to sit in a quiet place at your home on a chair with table, just like exams, keep your water bottle and all stationary required with you. Make sure you have eaten prior to the session. Now start the clock and just like exams, solve the sample paper on an answer sheet just the way you will do in the exams. Make sure you switch off your mobile phone and any other distractions. Take help of your parents and tell them to act like an invigilator. Once you have done the sample paper, give the answer sheet and the sample paper to your teacher in schools or at tuitions to check. Or you can also check it with the answer booklet. Make sure you do a critical evaluation of the answer sheet and identify every single mistake, even spelling mistakes or bad handwriting. This will make sure you are prepared to give that perfect answer in your final exams.

Q5: Where can I get CBSE Sample Papers?

Ans5: There are many sources from where you can get the sample papers for the class and subject you are looking for. Prior to the board exams, CBSE issues sample papers both for class 10 and class 12, this helps the students to understand the pattern of the board examination question paper along with the weightage of marks. These sample papers are available on the CBSE website. You can buy the sample papers from the market from any good bookstore or can download free sample papers from our website by clicking here to Download CBSE Sample Papers.

Q6: When should I do CBSE Sample Papers?

Ans6: The best time to do the sample papers is one to two weeks prior to the examinations once you have completed the entire course. You should spend more time in doing the sample papers and identifying areas where you lack understanding and getting clarity from your teachers. This will help you to revise the course multiple times, increase your confidence, identify all mistakes, help you in better time management, eliminate examination fear, help you to practice to sit and write answers in full concentration for three hours and many more benefits.

Q7: Where can I get CBSE Sample Papers for Class 10 and Class 12?

Ans7: CBSE Sample Papers for class 10 and class 12 are very important and students who are appearing in the class 10 board exams must practice as many sample papers as possible and get them checked from your teachers. You can download the sample papers issued by CBSE directly from the official website of CBSE. These sample papers are released by CBSE around a month prior to the start of the board exams. You can also download CBSE Sample Paper for Class 10 and Class 12 with solutions for all subjects on this website by clicking the link provided below.

So don’t wait any further, click here to download the latest CBSE sample papers designed by experienced teachers as per the latest examination format, syllabus and blueprints issued by CBSE. Practice the sample papers and get the best score.

Latest CBSE Sample Papers

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