CBSE Introduces Internal Assessment for Class XII Mathematics Board Exam From Next Session Year

As per the CBSE norms, CBSE has been introduced a new assessment and evaluation system for the next year coming board exams for Std XII. CBSE has done these changes in subjects like Maths, languages and political science.

There are 2 major reasons behind these changes i.e. board’s internal strategy for students growth and getting ready for the students to participate in the PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) in 2021.According to the new curriculum, the new internal assessments will carry 20% weightage of the total marks.

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Joseph Emmanuel, the board’s director (academics) said that the CBSE has always focused that its students must acquire the skills of innovative thinking, understanding the concept, problem solving, analyzing information, effective communication, developing curiosity, imagination as part of the learning process.

Every year CBSE brings some new changes in their evaluation and assessment practices. This step will help to make the evaluation process to become fairer and also fulfill the board’s objective.

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The decision of the Union government to join PISA’s evaluation has also a great impact on the CBSE. Under the influence of PISA’s evaluation, CBSE makes its changes in the assessment pattern.  Emmanuel toldto schools that PISA’s initiative has given more importance to line up the board’s assessment system to fulfill future requirements.

To upgrade the education system ‘assessment of learning’, ‘assessment as learning’ and ‘assessment for learning’ are the most valuable factors.

Moreover, CBSE regularly consulting with the stakeholders and board also shared its thoughts for strengthening the assessment and evaluation process. It comes out that board based evaluation system and internal assessment needs more superior strategies. There is also a need to introducing the different types and formats of questions in the exams so that the Schools can fulfill the huge gap between the competitive, entrance and board exams.


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