CBSE guides schools on Net safety

To make awareness of internet safety among students and to prevent them falling into internet bullying and fraud the Central board of secondary education have passed a circular which includes guidelines for the use of information technology in safe environment, and many schools have welcomed this circular.

The circular put forward by CBSE stress on educating students on safe use of internet, installing effective firewalls and filters in computer devices and controlling and monitoring the use of communication devices like smart phones inside campus.

This move of CBSE is also due to the online game called Blue Whale challenge which have been a reason for several suicides in India and other countries and this issue have discussed in state assembly as well.

Principal of St. Thomas Central School Sebastian T. Joseph said that the circular put forward by CBSE is a good move and schools would work to implement the guidelines. Some of the things mentioned in the circular are already being implemented in schools, for instance the mobile phones are strictly banned inside campus and if found on a student these are confiscated and returned after the end of the academic session.  He also pointed that internet access is only allowed with the teacher’s supervision and other technical implementations would be put in to action after consulting the computer expert in the school. “It has to be done as safety and welfare of students are paramount “he said and the school is also spreading awareness about internet safety by discussing it in the morning assembly.

Shahna Renjith, Principal of Navajeevan Bethany Vidyalaya said that in the wake of the controversial game called blue whale challenge it was necessary that schools ensure internet safety. She also said that mobile phones were often sent to schools on the insistence of parents, but schools are ensuring that the devices are not taken to class, and it is also important to make parents aware of internet safety as children are freer at home than in schools where there was a lot of monitoring. She said” “To get the desired results, it has to be joint effort on the part of schools and parents”.

Indira Rajan , secretary of Kerala CBSE school management association said that the association would put forth a proposal to Prakash Javadekar Union Human Resource Development Minister on Monday in Kochi on starting student peer groups in schools to take the internet safety message to all students.

She said “More than teachers, it is students who can educate other students about Internet safety.” And said that classes should be conducted by experts on cyber law and safety for students, and parents also needed to be made aware of internet safety norms.

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