CBSE Economics Last Minute Preparation Tips to Score Well

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) conducts the board exam for class 12th every year. Students belonging to the Humanities category face a lot of problems to prepare for Economics. As you know Economics is one of the important subjects for the students who belong to the Humanities category.

According to Studies Today, students shouldn’t start multiple sections at a time. They shouldn’t go into the second section before a section is completed. Starting multiple sections at a time is the wrong approach to attempt the Economics board exam.

Checkout the CBSE class 12 economics syllabus.

Students must have to complete the questions that they know very well first i.e. the scoring part. After the completion of those questions, they can try to attempt the remaining ones. This kind of approach not only saves their time but also helps to score well in the CBSE board exams.

Last minute preparation tips to score well:

1) Don’t forget to read the budget, common budget, money and banking, foreign exchange, aggregate demand and aggregate supply from Macro Economics.

2) Market implications, price determination, producers equilibrium, revenue and cost diagrams are the important topics from Micro Economics

3) As well as the theory, students also have to prepare for the numericals.

4) Important topics for numericals are the elasticity of demand, an elasticity of supply, elasticity of reduced demands completely and carefully read the steps and precautions regarding the problem of national income.

5) Students must have to check the formulas and calculation part of the numericals very carefully, before submitting the exam.

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Candidates can go through the effective tips to crack the exam:

1) Students can take the idea of question pattern by solving the previous year sample papers.

2) Students can also boost their speeds by solving the model test papers. This can help to complete their exams at a particular time.

3) Solved sample papers help students to how to tackle the questions and even they can also understand the concepts through the solved sample papers.

4) Students must need to write the point to point answers and also highlight the important points.

5) Before attempting the questions, students should also have to check the marks allocation criteria. This will help them to score good marks in the exam.

Sections of the question paper

The CBSE Economics board exam for class 12th is comprise of two sections i.e. Part A (Introductory Micro Economics) and Part B (Introductory Macro Economics). Each section carries 40-40 marks i.e. total 80 marks and the remaining 20 marks are allotted for project work. Overall, both the sections carries 50-50% weightage in the Economic board exam. Questions criteria are totally based on knowledge, understanding and application.

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The following are marks criteria for the Economics board exam:

  1. As per the CBSE norms, the internal choice shall be provided for two types of questions i.e. one in 6 marks questions and the other in 4 marks questions.
  2. Six long answers, each question carries 6 marks i.e. 6*6 = 36 marks.
  3. Four parts of short question answers, each part carry 2 marks
  4. Short question answers consist of two parts – Each part has 4 questions. The 1st part carry 4 marks each i.e. 4*4 = 16 marks and the second part carry 3 marks each i.e. 4*3 = 12 marks

So, all the above tips surely help the students to score good marks in the CBSE Economics Board Exam.

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