CBSE to continue Moderation Policy

In order to avoid a dilemma in different set of question papers and for the uniformity in evaluation process the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has decided to follow the moderation policy.

But sample question papers will be made and supplied by CBSE for various boards in order to ensure uniformity in all boards, grace marks obtained by students will only be mentioned in their mark sheets.

A meeting of the inter-board (a group who is responsible to look into the issues related to the moderation policy) headed by RK Chaturvedi, the chairman of CBSE has put forward some recommendations  which will be sent to HRD- human resources department for adoption by various states throughout the country.

CBSE said “The sample question papers will help states decide how many questions should be difficult, easy and what type of questions should be used. Depending on the state’s requirement they will use the sample questions to develop their own question papers. This will bring in greater uniformity in the evaluation system”.

In case if there is difficulty in questions and overall process of evaluation, moderation will help the students to gain appropriate compensation. Each state board will have to post the moderation policy in their official websites which will bring a transparency. And for those students who narrowly missed the pass mark, grace mark will be given but no mention regarding this marks will be present in mark sheets

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