Board Exams 2019 Class 10 Class 12 Last date to submit candidates list extended

The date to submit the candidate's list for the CBSE Class 10 Class 12 Exam 2019 has been extended by the central board. Read more to get the detailed information about the latest news about this date extension for the application.

Earlier the last date announced to submit the fees and candidates list for the CBSE Class 10 Class 12 Exam was on Nov 2, 2018. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has now postponed the last date for the submission. According to the latest news, the last date to submit the candidate's list for the CBSE Class 10 Class 12 Exam is November 22, 2018. All the students who are all willing to write the examination can now register because a lot of days are left to apply now. Students who missed the opportunity to register in the last week can now highly benefited with this news from the Central Board of Secondary Education.

After the release of this news lot of parents were happy because due to the festive celebrations all over the places in the month of October and November, many students failed to pay the fees. With this date extension, a lot of new candidates can apply now for the examination. Many educational centers didn't get the time to re-verify the list due to the ongoing festivals holidays. But now everyone is sitting in the driver seat and adding more candidates name for the class 10 and 12 CBSE exams.

Fee for List of Candidates is given below based on the category of the Schools wise:

According to the latest circular released by the CBSE on their websites, the fees structure for the 10th and 12th students attending their examinations is as follows.


For the Class 10

Schools in our India - All India Scheme:

For 5 subjects, Rs 750 is the fee amount for a candidate. Need to pay Rs 150 more for the additional subjects. If the fee is paid late, then an amount of  Rs 1000 per head will be charged as the fine amount for the late submission.

Government aided schools - Delhi Scheme:

For 5 subjects, Rs 375 is the fee value for a student. Want to pay Rs 75 more for the extra subjects. If the fee is given late, then an additional amount of  Rs 2000 will be charged per head.

Schools Abroad (Foreign):

For 5 subjects, Rs 5000 is the fee value for an exam attending candidate. Require to pay Rs 1000 more for the extra subjects. If the payment is given late, then an extra amount of Rs5000 will be charged.

For the Class 12 students

Schools in our India - All India Scheme:

Per candidate will be charged Rs 750 for 5 subjects. Extra Rs 150 will be charged for the additional subject. The practical fee amount is Rs 80/- for each subject.

Government aided schools -Delhi Scheme:

Per candidate will be charged Rs 600 for five subjects. Need to pay extra 120 rupees for the additional subject. The practical fee amount is Rs 80/- per candidate for each subject.

Schools Abroad (Foreign):

Per candidate needs to pay Rs 5000 for five subjects.  An extra amount of 1000 rupees will be charges for the supplementary subject. The practical fee is 200 rupees for each practical subject.

The date will not be extended further. Hurry up!


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