Board exam admit card

Important information given in your CBSE Class 10th, 12th Board Examination 2018 Admit Cards:

1) Roll Number:  Roll number is the most critical item on your admit card as it has t be mentioned on all answer sheets thus have to be correct. Please check your roll number, check the format you’re your friends also to ensure no digit is missing and remember your roll number as you will have to mention it at various stages.

2) Date of Birth: Check your date of birth on the admit card. This has to be accurate and same as you submitted. Please note that the date which is mentioned on the admit card will also be printed on your marks sheet. Later the same date of birth will be printed on other official documents like passing certificate. In future for you almost entire life time the class 100 certificate and the date of birth mentioned on it will be used for all government records and including to renew your passport.

3) Center Number: Check the address of the examination centre. You should know where it is, if you don’t know then better to visit the centre once now as you wont get time later while you are preparing for the exams. Don’t leave it for the examination day.

4) Personal information: check other details like father’s name, mother’s name, school details etc

5) Photograph: The photograph should be attested.

6) Signature: Please sign on the space provided.

7) Principal's Signature and stamp: If you have got the admit card from your school, it must have been stamped and signed by your principal. Please check that the both signature and stamp are clearly visible

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