Best tips to prepare for the CBSE Board Examinations

Every student's dream is to score the good marks in the final board examination as the future of the student will depend on the result of these exams. The Central Board of Secondary Education conducted Board Examinations are only a few months away from now. This period is high time for every student to start their preparation seriously so that they can score well in their final examinations. CBSE students will get pressurized and tensed during the exam preparation, but if candidates prepare hard and properly then will be easy for them to crack the exam with ease.

Here we bring you the 7 tips for the entire students who are all preparing for the Central Board of Secondary Education examination.

#1 Create the Time Table:

While you get started to prepare for your exam, create a study timetable because that will help you prepare for the exam effectively. Good study time-table along with the proper planning will help you complete the study targets for the day much easier. Make sure you prepare the timetable in the proper way. If you do not know how to prepare it, consult with your friends or teachers to get it to schedule in the correct way.

#2 Recognize your syllabus completely:

Without knowing the complete syllabus, things will get harder for the students at the last minute. Preparing with the NCERT books will help each candidate to prepare well during the exam. If needed also go through the reference books available in the market to enhance your subject knowledge. Do not spend too much time on reference books because it will hamper your preparation process.

#3 Focus on all the subjects:

A student should focus on every subject, otherwise cannot get the good total at the end. Most students spend their study holidays to focus only on the tough mainstream subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, etc. and neglect the language subjects. Spending at least one hour in a day for the language subjects will help every student to boost their total percentage.

#4 Do revision properly:

Most of the students fail to do the revision in an effective way. Make sure revision is the only way to recall everything you have studied over the one year for your exam. Whatever you study doesn't matter, revise at least once a week for all the subjects. If you want to revise better, note down the important points and hints in a separate note because doing this will help you avoid confusion during the revision time.

#5 Identify your weaknesses

After completing the syllabus, you will get a clear idea about your weakness. By identifying the weakness on a particular subject, you will get a chance to work hard out on that. By preparing a strategy and giving some extra time for the toughest subject will surely help you score more during the examination. Make sure you do writing practices too during your revision time.

#6 Solve previous question papers:

Time maintenance is very important to complete the exam on time. By keep practicing with the sample question papers and previous year Central Board of Secondary Education Examination question paper, students will help them complete the exam before the deadline. Also, students come to know the entire concept and exam pattern well before appearing for the exam.

Tip #7: Do Self-analysis:

Doing the self-analysis of your own performance is a necessary one to record your memory power and ability.  Noting down the sample test, mock test, class test marks will help students to understand whether they are improving or dragging down. Based on the recording sheet, they aim to get better next time.


Concentrating well on your studies will help you to reach great heights. We believe the useful tips shared above will help you to prepare your plan well for your examination. All the best!

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