About Mr TS Grewal

Mr. TS Grewal can rightly be called the saviour for all students of commerce today. He was an eminent personality when it comes to subjects of Commerce and Management. He was not just an educationist but also a humanist who greatly inspired all those who were in touch with him. He had certain values, principles and the way of life he followed serves as a guiding light for many of us today. He wrote a number of articles in various journals, but national as well as international and even authored a number of textbooks for those studying management and commerce.

Early Life

In the year 1968, he was selected for the International Teachers Program by the Harvard Business School in Boston and he not only completed the program but did so with a distinction in five of his courses. He was a great scholar who started writing books long back, which help students learn so much till date. His textbooks cover various subjects like management, cost accounting, accountancy and so on. His books are a boon for all Commerce students studying in the Central Board of Secondary Education.

Help for CBSE students

For all those students preparing for their class 11 and class 12 exams, the TS Grewal books will offer more than enough practice for accounting. These books are quite comprehensive and will cover all the topics in a manner that you feel well prepared before going for your examination. Not only are they useful for learning up new topics well, but they will also come in handy for revision a day before your exam.

Free TS Grewal Double Entry Book Keeping Solutions

Features of TS Grewal Books

a) Many diagrams and illustrations which will explain the book-keeping process in detail.

b) A proper explanation of the accounting process using tables explaining the format.

c) Many different examples in the text making it easier to understand a topic.

d) All the learning objectives highlighted well in each chapter.

e) Chapters which are planned systematically according to the CBSE exam pattern.

f) All material tested well for each class.

g) Chapter-wise flow chart which explains the whole process of accounting.

h) Questions for self-evaluation by students to help in preparation.

i) Discussion on current topics like GST.

Importance of these books for students

The TS Grewal books are highly important for students as they are the perfect aid to accountancy. They consist of both theory for helping students understand the concept and even practice which will help them actually attempt the questions which come in their examinations. The books on Double Entry Book Keeping and Analysis of Financial Statements are just some of the great books authored by this eminent personality. Not just for school students studying the branch of commerce, but these books can be extremely useful even for students preparing for competitive exams of MBA.

Access TS Grewal Class 12 Accountancy Solutions


So if you are a student looking desperately for some help while studying accounting and management, look no further. Go ahead and buy or download the PDF of TS Grewal books, they will not disappoint you. A great asset to your studies, you can be assured of scoring the highest marks in your examinations when you study from them.

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