CBSE Class 7 History Worksheet (8) - New Kings and Kingdoms

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Choose the correct answers from the brackets:

1. ____ tells us how rulers wanted to depict themselves-as valiant, victorious warriors.

( Kadamai, Araiyar, Prashastis )

2. The association of traders were known as-

( Samanta, Nagaram,Ur )

3. The most frequently mentioned tax in the chola inscription was-

( vetti, Nadu,Ur )

4. An assembly of prominent Brahmana land holder was known as-

( palas, Sabha, Nadu )

5. It is an Arabic word which means ruler-

( Kazi, Janasheen, Sultan )

6. Big land holders or warrior chiefs in different regions of the sub continent-

( Sabha, Nagaram, Samanta)

Give one word answer:

1. Land donated to Jaina institution_ _______________

2. Land gifted to temples_ ________________

3. Land for the maintenance of a school_ ______________

4. Land gifted to Brahmanas_ ________________

5. Land of non_Brahmana peasant properties_ ________________

Fill in the blanks:

1. Groups of villages formed larger units called _______________

2. In china an empire was established under the _________ dynasty which remained in power about 300 years.

3. The most powerful Chola ruler was _____________

4. A scholar named Al-Bairuni’s famous Arabic work was known as ________

5. The best known Chahamana ruler was _____________

6. Wall relief from Cave Ellora, is a work of the ______________ period.

7. The two major temples built by Rajendra and Rajaraja are _________, ___________

8. Rashtrakutas belonged to _____________________area of India.

Mark the following kingdoms on the map of India:

1) Rashtrakutas          2) Chola              3) Palas                4) chahamanas


Please refer to attached file for CBSE Class 7 History Worksheet (8) - New Kings and Kingdoms


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