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CLASS VII Chapter 4 (AIR)

I. Choose the correct answer.

1. Our atmosphere is divided into ________________ layers.

(a) 5                     (b) 4                           (c) 8

2. _____________________ measures the temperature.

(a) Barometre        (b) Thermometer          (c) Rain Gauge

3. In _________________ temperature rises, very rapidly with increasing height.

(a) Thermosphere  (b) Troposphere            (c) Stratosphere

4. Green plants produce __________________ during photosynthesis.

(a) Nitrogen           (b) Carbondioxide         (c) Oxygen

5. The uppermost layer of the atmosphere is known as ________________.

(a) Stratosphere     (b) Exosphere              (c) Troposphere

6. _________________ is the second most plentiful gas in the air.

(a) Nitrogen            (b) Oxygen                  (c) Carbondioxide

7. Almost all the weather phenomena like rainfall, fog and hailstorm occur in ________

(a) Stratosphere      (b) Troposphere           (c) Exosphere

8. _________________ helps in radio transmission.

(a) Troposphere       (b) Exosphere             (c) Thermosphere

9. Mesosphere the third layer of the atmosphere extends up to the height of ______ km

(a) 80                      (b) 50                        (c) 100

II. Fill in the blanks

1. Cold air is denser and _________________. That is why it tends to sink down.

2. _____________, ______________, _______________, _______________, ______________ are the five layers of atmosphere.

3. On the Celsius scale the water freezes at ____________ and boils at _____________.

4. ________________ need nitrogen for their survival.

5. Radio waves transmitted from the earth are reflected back to the earth by __________________.


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