CBSE Class 7 Geography - The Flowering Of Regional Cultures

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CBSE Class 7 Geography - The Flowering Of Regional Cultures

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a) Lilatilakam was written in the _____ style.

b)______ is famous for its annual rathayatra festival.

c)________ and _____ schools are the two most well known schools of the pahari style of painting.

d)_______ is believed to have been a tribal deity who came to be identified with Lord Krishna.

e)________ is a literary work based on the life and teachings of chaitanyadeva.

f ) An ________ roof consists of two ________ placed one over another.

g) _________ was the first independent ruler of the 7th century Bengal.


a) Alpana

b) Kathakas

c) Jauhar

d) Miniatures

e) Book-illumination

f) Manipravala


a) A place famous for its Bangla style temples.

b) The place famous for terracotta bricks.

c) He translated the Ramayana into Bengali

d) The Mughal emperor who established Tasvir khana.

e) The ruler of Awadh during whose rule several regional gharanas of kathak developed.

f) The language which was promoted by the Perumals of Kerala.

g) It occupies an important place in Bengali culture.

h) One of the classical dance forms of North India.


a) Why did all the conquerors of Orissa protect the interest of the Jagannath temple of Puri?

b) How did the Bhakti movement influence Kathak dance?

c) Why and by whom was jauhar committed?

d) Write a short note on the image of Lord Jagannath.

e) Explain the importance of fish in Bengali culture.

f) What are the main features of the medeival Bengali style of temple architecture?

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