CBSE Class 7 Geography - The Delhi Sultans (2)

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CBSE Class 7 Geography - The Delhi Sultans (2)

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His The Delhi Sultans


1.How many taxes were levied by the Delhi Sultans?

(A) Cultivation taxes (Kharaj)

(B) Cattle taxes

(C) House taxes

(D) all of them

2.Mohammad Tuglaq'sinnovative token currency failed because

(A) He could not controlits circulation

(B) Token currency was useless

(C) It was not popularised

(D) None of these

3.Match the following


(a) Masjid (i)Mosque in Arabic

(b)Jama masjid (ii)congregational mosque

(c ) namaz (iii) Prayer

(d) khutba (iv) the sermon (Friday prayer)

(A) A- (i). B-(ii), C - (iii) , D- (iv)

(B) A-(ii), B-(i), C-(iii), D-(iv)

(C) A-(ii), B-(iii), C-(iv), D-(i)

(D) A-(iv), B-(iii), C-(i), D-(ii)

4.When did Delhi first become capital of a kingdom?

(A) At the time of Tomar dynasty

(B) Tuglaq dynasty

(C) Lodhi dynasty

(D) None of these

5.Choose the correct statement

(1) The holder of Iqta was called Muqti

(2) The Muqtis collected the revenues of their assignments assalary.

(A) Only 1

(B) Only 2

(C) Both 1 and 2 are correct

(D) Both are incorrect

6.What was Iqta in sultanate period?

(A) Territories of land

(B) A tax

(C) A form of military

(D) None of these

7.When did Raziya become sultan?

(A) 1236

(B) 1136

(C) 1336

(D) None of these

8.Who was the founder of the Sayyed dynasty?

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