CBSE Class 8 Science Worksheet - Synthetic Fibers And Plant

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Fill up the blanks :

1. Fibres we get from plant and animals are called ______________.

2. Artificial fibres are commonly called _________________.

3. The simple molecule of molecule in a polymer is called _____________.

4. The polymer of natural fibre cotton is called ______________.

5. The material which can easily be molded is called ________________.

6. The process by which artificial fibres are made from simple fibre is called _______________.

7. The raw material used for the production of rayon is ______________.

8. ________________ is made by the polymerisatin of amide molecules.

9. Terylene is obtained by the polymerising the molecule of ___________ and _________________.

10. Acrylic fibre is obtained by the polymerisation of molecules of _________________.

11. Koroseal is the trade name of ________________.

12. PVC stands for ________________.

13. PET stands for __________________.

14. _________________ prepared by the polymerization of vinyl chloride molecules.

15. Two examples of thermoplastic.

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