CBSE Class 10 Science - Human Eye And Colourful World

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CBSE Class 10 Science - Human Eye And Colourful World

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1 Mark Questions

Q.l. What is the defect from which the eye shown in the figure suffers?

Q.2. The image of an object near the eye is being formed at I, as shown. Name the

defect from which the eye suffers.

Q.3. Complete the given diagram for a corrected myopic eye. Where are the

far point and the near point for such an eye?

Q.4. Complete the given fig. for a hypermetropic eye. Mark the near point and the

far point of such an eye.

Q.5. In fig below, three cases of a ray of light passing through a prism. Which of

these rays is suffering minimum deviation ?

Q.6. Figure shows a ray of white light suffering dispersion. Correct the diagram if

you feel it needs correction and redraw it.

Q.7. What is meant by power of accommodation of the eye ?

Q.8. What is the far point and near point of the human eye with normal


Q.9. A student has difficulty reading the blackboard while sitting in the last row.

What could be the defect the child is suffering from? How can it be corrected?

Q.10. Why is a normal eye not able to see clearly the objects placed closer than 25


Q.11. What happens to the image distance in the eye when we increase the

distance of an object from the eye?

Q.12. Why does the sky appear dark instead of blue to an astronaut?

Q.13. Name the essential parts of human eye.

Q.14. What is cornea?

Q.15. Which liquid fills the space behind the cornea?

Q.16. What is iris?

Q.17. Which part of the eye controls the amount of light entering the eye?

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