CBSE Class 10 Science - (5)

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CBSE Class 10 Science - (5)

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Time: - 2 periods, 1 hour , 20 min Mm:- 20 marks

1. In yeast cell during budding there can be (1/2)

a) Single bud b) Two buds c) Three Bud d) Chain of buds

2. Binary fission starts in an amoeba with the: (1/2)

a) Constriction of its cell membrane b) Elongation of its nucleus

c) Two amoebae come closer d) Both (b) and (c)

3. Where is copper – T placed? (1/2)

4. What will happen if vas deference in the male is blocked surgically? (1/2)

5. Name the tissue which provides nutrition to the developing embryo. (1/2)

6. Where does fertilization occur in the female reproductive tract? (1/2)

7. Which method is for removal of unwanted pregnancies? (1/2)

8. What methods will you use for growing jasmine and rose plant? (1/2)

9. Where is zygote located in the flower after fertilization? (1/2)

10. Testes located outside abdominal cavity in ________ (1/2)

11. What is advantage of growing plants asexually by the technique of tissue culture? (2 marks)

12. What are the modes by which various organisms reproduce depend on? Why do multicellular organisms need to use more complex ways of reproduction? (2 marks)

13. The sexual mode of reproduction incorporates the process of combining DNA from two different individuals. How is the problem of doubling of chromosomes overcome? How do we know that two individuals belong to the same species? (1+1)

14. Define menstruation. How do ovaries function both, as the reproductive organs as well as the endocrine glands? (1+1)

15.What is the function of: i) Seminal vesicles ii) Uterus. (b) Give two examples each of sexually transmitted infections (1+1)

16.(a) Draw a neat labeled diagram of longitudinal section of flower.(2)

(b) Define pollination and give its importance. Write two points of difference between self and cross-pollination.(1+1+1)

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