CBSE Class 10 Mathematics SA1 Revision (2)

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CBSE Class 10 Mathematics SA1 Revision (2)

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1. State Euclid’s Division Lemma ?

2. State Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic’s.

3. Condition required for decimal representation to be non-terminating.

4. Condition required for decimal representation to be terminating.

5. Define irrational number and give an example.

6. What is called ‘ a quadratic polynomial.

7. Define linear polynomial.

8. What is the meaning of degree of polynomial

9. Define zero of a polynomial.

10. What is the geometric meaning of the zeroes of a polynomial.

11. State the relationship between zeroes and coefficients of a quadratic polynomial.

12. What is the formula connecting Dividend, Divisor, Quotient and Remainder.

13. State division Algorithm for polynomials.

14. How many zeroes can a quadratic polynomial have in general.

15. How many zeroes can a cubic polynomial have.

16. What is the shape of a linear polynomial graph.

17. What is the shape of a quadratic polynomial graph.

18. In general polynomial p(x) of degree n crosses the x-axis at most in how many points.

19. Write Discriminant of a quadratic polynomial.

20. If the value of the Discriminant is greater than zero, the graph of p(x) = ax2 + bx + c will intersect the x – axis at how many points.

21. If the value of the D (Discriminant) is greater than zero, the graph of p(x) =

ax2 + bx + c will touch the x-axis at how many points.

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