CBSE Class 10 Mathematics Activities (1)

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CBSE Class 10 Mathematics Activities (1). Students can download these worksheets and practice them. This will help them to get better marks in examinations. Also refer to other worksheets for the same chapter and other subjects too. Use them for better understanding of the subjects.


(Any Eight)

Activity1: To find geometrically the solution of a Quadratic Equation ax2+bx++c=0, a

0 (where a=1) by using the method of computing the square.

Activity2: To verify that given sequence is an A.P (Arithmetic Progression) by the paper Cutting and Paper Folding.

Activity3: To verify that

by Graphical method

Activity4: To verify experimentally that the tangent at any point to a circle is perpendicular to the Radius through that point.

Activity5: To find the number of tangent from a point to the circle

Activity6: To verify that lengths of tangents drawn from an external Point, to a circle are equal by using method of paper cutting, paper folding and pasting.

Activity7: To Draw a quadrilateral similar to a given quadrilateral as per given scale factor (Less than 1)

Activity8: (a) To make mathematical instrument clinometer (or sextant) for measuring the angle of elevation/depression of an object

(b) To calculate the height of an object making use of clinometers (or sextant)

Activity9: To get familiar with the idea of probability of an event through a double color card experiment.

Activity10: To verify experimentally that the probability of getting two tails when two coins are tossed simultaneously is ¼= (0.25) (By eighty tosses of two coins)

Activity11: To find the distance between two objects by physically demonstrating the position of the two objects say two Boys in a Hall, taking a set of reference axes with the corner of the hall as origin.

Activity12: Division of line segment by taking suitable points that intersects the axes at some points and then verifying section formula.

Activity13: To verify the formula for the area of a triangle by graphical method.

Activity14: To obtain formula for Area of a circle experimentally.

Activity15: To give a suggestive demonstration of the formula for the surface Area of a circus Tent.

Activity16: To obtain the formula for the volume of Frustum of a cone.


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