CBSE Class 9 English - Revision (13)

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CBSE Class 9 English - Revision (13)

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English Assignment – Class IX

Q,1 You are the Head Boy of D.M. Public School, Noida. Draft a notice in about 50 words for

the House Captains and Vice‐Captains to attend a meeting with the Principal and House

Incharges to allocate duties for checking of uniforms and late comers. Put the notice in a box.

Q.2 You went to your friend’s house to inform him / her about the change in schedule of the

weekly tests. He / she was not at home. Leave a message for him / her with his / her younger


Q.3 Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper showing your concern regarding environmental


Q.4 Write a diary entry describing an imaginary space journey you went on in a space ship.

Q.5 Write a short bio‐sketch of the bookseller from whom you often buy your books. You may

have to interview him to collect the necessary information. You will find the following points

useful :

• Name and Age

• Family and native place

• Looks

• Education

• Occupation

• Income

• Personality

Q.5 Write a short dialogue between two passengers waiting in a queue for their turn to buy

tickets. One of the passengers is restless and the other tries to comfort him / her. Generate at

least six exchanges of conversation. Make your dialogue as conversational as possible.

Q.6 Give a brief description of your favourite mobile phone.

Q.7 Write short description of the students’ uniform of your school. In your description you

should include the following points :

• Different pieces – shirts, trousers, skirts, ties, shoes, headgear, if any.

• Colour and texture

• Badges, name plates, logo etc.

• Difference in the Summer and Winter Uniforms

• Its importance

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