CBSE Class 9 English - Revision (12)

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CBSE Class 9 English - Revision (12)

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Q.1.Read the passage and choose the correct answer that follows:


Until two years ago, Clearing, Illinois was a peaceful suburb of Chicago. But residents grew anxious .They noticed alarmed teenagers on the streets, giving gang signals and shouting at passing cars. Then came burglars and graffiti messages on storefronts. By the time local authorities realized they had a gang problem, it was too late. Last December, two thirteen year old girls were shot outside their school as they sat in a car with two members of the local gang, the Ridgeway Lords.

Fifty states have recently passed laws that allow youth aged 14-17 to be tried in courts as adults. In about 25 states they have passed laws to punish parents for their children’s behaviour. And in 146 of the nation’s largest cities, they have imposed curfews to reduce violence by teenagers. When you look at the noticeable rise of violent crime among young people, it’s easy to understand the concern. Over the past decade, there has been a decline in adult murders in the US while murder rates have increased for youths aged 14-17.

For young offenders who aren’t sent to prison, the punishments vary: some are ordered to perform community service, others are placed in job training programs, still others sent to Youth Prisons. But the Republicans in Congress want to reverse a basic principle of juvenile justice: the separation of young criminals from hardened adult criminals in prison. The reasons are partly financial- to reduce the cost of having separate prisons and partly psychological - to end what Republicans consider as society’s openly protective attitude towards young criminals.

A.Clearing is located in_______

a.Spain b.Great Britain c.Australia d.USA

B. Residents were unhappy because________

a.taxes increased b. Rents were too high c. gangs came into the town d. There were no facilities

C.What happened in December?

a.A policeman shot a young man b. Criminality decreased c. two girls were killed d.few criminals were


D.What is the Ridgeway Lords?

a.a prison b. A famous band c. a gang d. A hotel

E. The word ‘juvenile’ means

a. adult b.election c. Childish d. None of these

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