CBSE Class 9 English - Revision (11)

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CBSE Class 9 English - Revision (11)

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1. Read the following passage carefully:

Bonding for Life

In Kutch, in western Gujarat, the sarus crane is so revered that there is a local radio

programme put up by village women, in which the sutradhaar or narrator is Kunjal, a sarus

crane. The sarus crane is the world's tallest flying bird, with the male standing 1.8 metres

tall. Besides India, it is found in Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar and Australia. The sarus is

believed to live with its partner for life, so people consider this sign of conjugal devotion, a

good omen and welcome the birds when they nest in the paddy fields. The sarus, like other

crane species, performs a magnificent courtship dance. The male and female circle around

each other with wings spread out, bowing and leaping high into the air. Both fiercely guard

the nest when one or two eggs are laid. Today, only around 10,000 Indian sarus cranes

remain, because despite protection, its habitat has shrunk. The use of pesticides and

chemical fertilizers is another reason for decline in sarus crane population.

(a) "...the sarus crane is so revered that---" here revered means _______

(i) tamed (ii) popular pet (iii) well-regarded (iv) kept

(b) Conjugal means __________ .

(i) extreme (ii) religious (iii) relating to marriage (iv) combination

(c) Today, only around 10,000 Indian sarus cranes remain, because __________.

(i) of the use of pesticides

(ii) they fiercely guard the nest when one or two eggs are laid

(iii) despite protection, its habitat has shrunk

(iv) the use of chemical fertilizers destroys its eggs.

(d) The sarus like other crane species __________.

(i) nests in the paddy fields (ii) lives with its partner for only 2 months

(iii) is the world's tallest running bird. (iv) performs a magnificent courtship dance.

(e) When the sarus cranes nest in the paddy fields __________.

(i) people shoot them away. (ii) they bring water and food for them.

(iii) they welcome them. (iv) they make radio programme of them.

Section : B (Writing)

2. While coming to school. in the morning you witnessed a horrible accident between a

speeding truck and a bus full of school children. Write an eyewitness report for a newspaper

in 150-200 words.

3. Given below is a profile of Mr. Rajesh Kumar, the school gardener. Write a short bio-sketch

taking help of the clues given below.

Age : around 50 years

Height / Weight: six feet / solid built

Family : large – six children, four boys, two girls

Education : High School

His likes / dislikes: plant, nursery, manure, organic

Why he is popular / unpopular: believes children are like young saplings.

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