CBSE Class 6 English SA1 Practice Worksheets - Unseen comprehension

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CBSE Class 6 English SA1 Practice Worksheets - Unseen comprehension - Excellent worksheets prepared for CBSE students by the best teachers in Delhi.

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Month : April - I

Unseen comprehension

1. Put a circle around the number next to each correct answer after reading the passage.

At any ocean beach you can see the water rise up toward high tide. Something is pulling the water up. We now know that the moon is doing the pulling. How can it pull? We call the pull gravitation. All matter everywhere pulls all other matter everywhere. The bigger the object, the greater the pull. The moon is big enough to pull the earth, and it pulls the water on the earth. The moon pulls the water facing the moon. When you see high tide, you know that the moon is pulling the water up.

A. When you drop something, and it falls to the ground, it falls because of -

1. the moon.

2. gravitation.

3. its size.

4. the sun.

B. High tide is caused by -

1. gravitation.

2. all matter everywhere.

3. the earth.

4. the water.

C. The moon pulls -

1. all matter.

2. water only.

3. the earth only.

4. the tides.

D. If the earth did not spin, -

1. there would be no tides.

2. the moon would not pull the water.

3. the earth would not pull the moon.

4. there would be no gravitation.

Students should free download the worksheets as per CBSE and CCE patters and get better marks in exams. panel of teachers recommend students to practice questions in the worksheets. CBSE Class 6 English SA1 Practice Worksheets - Unseen comprehension


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