CBSE Class 6 English - Revision (8)

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CBSE Class 6 English - Revision (8)

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I. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below.

Tigers are found in India and most of the countries of South East Asia. They live in forests and grassy plains where there are plenty of other animals for them to hunt for food. If you see a tiger in the zoo, you may think its coat is brightly coloured and easily seen, but in the jungles and grasslands where it lives, a tiger is hard to see. The sunlight shining through leaves and branches makes patches of bright light and shadow. A tiger’s golden coloured coat, with its dark stripes, mixes so well into these patches of sunlight and shadows that it is not easily seen. When it walks through the long forest grass, it is also hard to see, for its hair is the same colour as the blades of yellowish grass and patches of deep shadow.

This camouflage, as we call it, is very important because tigers are hunters and catch other animals for their food. If the animals could see a tiger coming, they would quickly escape. It has strong sharp teeth which it uses for seizing and eating the animals, it catches. A tiger’s chief food is deer, wild pigs, monkeys and other small animals, but it will also kill cows. A tiger is also very strong and if it kills a deer or a cow it will often drag the dead animals several yards to the shelter of some bushes where it can eat its meal in peace. Tigers usually hunt and eat at night, and during day time they lie resting hidden in the long grass. Tigers do not like great heat and when it is very hot, they find a resting place by a river or in some wet ground.

Answer the following questions:

a. Besides India, where are tigers also found?

b. Why do tigers live in forests and grass plains?

c. What happens when sunlight comes through leaves and branches in the jungles?

d. Why does the tiger drag the animals it has killed, to the shelter of bushes?

e. Complete the following statements:

(i) The tiger uses its strong, sharp teeth ______________

(ii) It is hard to see a tiger in the long forest grass because ____________.

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