CBSE Class 6 English - Revision (4)

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CBSE Class 6 English - Revision (4)

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Q1. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions below :

Holi is played with various hues of red, yellow, blue, green, magenta, purple, orange…… But do you know that most of the Holi colours sold these days contain many harmful chemicals? In fact most are dyes meant for industrial uses like dyeing textiles and are not meant to be applied on humans. These colours include heavy metals, acids, alkalis, powdered glass….. The black paste has lead oxide, green contain copper sulphate, red is mercury sulphite etc. All these are toxic and can result in anything from skin allergies to cancer, eye irritation to blindness….. and much more.

Even the base in which these chemicals are mixed is highly toxic. Several powder or dry colours use a base of asbestos talc, chalk powder or silica. Asbestos is a known human carcinogen which gets built up in the body tissue, even micro quantities can result in cancer. Silica may dry as well as chafe the skin. The shine in the colours is due to addition of powdered glass or mica. Many water colours have an alkaline base capable of causing severe injuries. If it enters the eyes, it can pose a great danger to the vision. Colours in theform of pastes have toxic compounds mixed in a base of engine oil or other inferior quality oil, capale of causing skin allergy, temporary blindness……

Read the following questions and answer the questions by choosing the most appropriate options given :

1. Various colours used in the holi celebration are dangerous for humans as they contain

(a) many harmful chemicals (c) industrial colours

(b) Dangerous dyes (d) dyeing matter

2. The diseases that these colours spread are ________

(a) Cancer (c) cancer, skin allergies, blindness etc.

(b) Cancer and blindness (d) skin allergies, blindness

3. Asbestos is a known human carcinogen that causes ________

(a) Blindness (c) skin allergies

(b) TB (d) cancer

4. What makes these colour shine is __________

(a) Glass (c) glass or mica

(b) Powdered glass and mica (d) asbestos

5. The word “toxic” means

(a) Chemical (c) dangerous

(b) Poison (d) poisonous

6. Holi is a festival of colours…….

(a) True

(b) False

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