CBSE Class 6 English - Revision (12)

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CBSE Class 6 English - Revision (12)

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Swami Vivekananda once stayed in a small village . Thousands of people

came to him and asked him a number of questions. He was so busy with

them that he did not get time to eat. No one cared to see if he had his food

or rest.

That night when people went away, a poor man came to Viveknanda and

said, “ Swamiji, I am pained to see that you are hungry and tired.” Swamiji

asked him if he had some food. The poor man had a great desire to give

food, but he was a cobbler who repaired shoes and he was afraid. If the

King came to know that a cobbler had given food to Swamiji, he would be

driven away from the kingdom. Swamiji told him not to be afraid of

anything. The cobbler brought bread because his heart was full of love and

pity. Swamiji took the bread and ate it. He found that it tasted better than

the sweets of the king’s palace.


1. Why did people go to Swamiji?

2. Who was pained to see Swamiji hungry and tired?

3. What was the cobbler afraid of?

4. Which words show that the cobbler was a kind-hearted man?

a) _________________________ b) ____________________



1. Swami Vivekananda did not get time _______________. (eat, to


2. Swamiji found that the bread _________________ (tasted ,will taste,

tastes) better than the sweets of the King’s palace.

3. If the king came to know that a cobbler had given food to Swamiji, he

(i.e. the cobbler)________________(is driven, will be driven, would

be driven) out of the kingdom.

4. A cobbler is the one who ______________ (buys shoes, mends

shoes, sells shoes).

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