CBSE Class 6 English Practice Worksheets - Simple Present Tense

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CBSE Class 6 English Practice Worksheets - Simple Present Tense - Practice worksheets for CBSE students. Prepared by teachers of the best CBSE schools in India. 



I. Complete the following proverbs using Simple Present Tense:

1. You can’t have your cake and _________ it too.

2. Slow and steady _________the race.

3. An empty vessel _________much noise.

4. Time and tide _________for none.

5. Only the wearer _________where the shoe _________.

6.. Charity _________ at home.

7. Barking dogs seldom _________.


II. Choose the correct verb and write it in the space provided:

1. The babies (cry/cries) for milk.

2. My book (is/are ) stolen by her.

3. Sam (cook/cooks) food for his friends.

4. Tina (drive/drives) a car on the road.

5. The artist (paint/paints) each picture lovingly.

6. Knowledge (show/shows ) the way to success.

7. She never (wear/wears) a hat.

8. I (get/gets) up early in the morning. ______________

9. Rita (play/ plays) with dolls. ______________

10. . We (make/makes) dolls in our spare time. ______________


III. Complete the following passages with correct form of verbs given in the bracket:

1. Once there ______ (live) a hare and a tortoise in the forest. The hare ______ (be) very proud of his swiftness. One day, he ______ (laugh) at the tortoise for his slow speed. The tortoise ______ (feel) small. He ______ (ask) the hare to run a race. The hare ______ (agree). They ______ (fix) a tree as the target.

2. A rocket ______ (burn) fuel that ______ (make) a great deal of gas at the back of the rocket. As it is made, this gas ______ (push) against the rocket and ______ (send) the rocket forward. Ordinary fuel ______ (burn) only in air because it ______ (need) the oxygen present in air.


IV. Fill in the blanks with the correct form of verb given in the bracket: 

1. She always ______ (keep) her word.

2. She often ______ (forget) her purse.

3. Thousands of people ______ (lose) their lives in the cyclone.

4. He ______ (tour) India for a month last year.

5. I ______ (eat) what my sister eats.

6. She ______ (buy) a new shirt yesterday.

7. When ______ he ______ (return) from office?

8. Columbus ______ (discover) America.

9. My uncle ______ (buy) a new car last month.

10. I think it ______ (rain) tomorrow.

11. My father ______ (go) to his office every morning.

12. The sun ______ (shine) in the day and the stars ______ (shine) at night.

13. A thief ______ (break) into her garage last night.

14. They ______ (go) abroad on the coming Tuesday.

15. We ______ not ______ (play) the match in case it rains.

Students must free download and practice these worksheets to gain more marks in exams. CBSE Class 6 English Practice Worksheets - Simple Present Tense


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