CBSE Class 6 English - Literature Reader (2)

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CBSE Class 6 English - Literature Reader (2)

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I. Answer the following questions .

1) What did Selkirk promise himself after he had lived alone on the island ?

2) Where did the friends get a chance to do what they wanted to do ?What happened to them

because of this ?

3) What was the thought bothering one of the young men ?

4) Why did captain agree to put Selkirk ashore on the first island they saw ?

5) How did the boys bring the traps into the house ?

6) When did the author confess to his crime?

7) The little boy who could not see said __________ was like the rustle of the wind.

8) ______________ is the colour of pleasant stillness when you lie down and dream .

9) What gave Daniel Defoe the idea of ‘Robinson Crusoe’ ?

10) What way out did the young man’s friends suggest for his problem ?

II. Frame sentences for the following words :

1) Bothering 6) Exotic

2) Unschooled 7) Foundation

3) Unruly 8) Overheard

4) Quarrelsome 9) Surplus

5) Obliging 10)Scholar

III. Complete these sentences with the right determiner given in the bracket .

1) There are ____________ postcards in my bag .(some /any)

2) I think there is __________ butter in the fridge .( much / some)

3) I am the oldest in ______ family . ( my/ mine)

4) Could you bring me ________ books I left in the garden ?( these/ those )

5) My mother doesn’t drink _________ coffee .( a lot/much )

IV . Complete the following table with American and British spelling.


traveled dialog


behaviour tyre

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