CBSE Class 3 English Practice Worksheets (103) - Competency Spellings

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CBSE Class 3 English Practice Worksheets (103) - Competency Spellings

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COMPETENCY (spellings)

Q1. Rewrite the jumbled letters correctly.

a) a g i c m _______________

b) a r g d n e _______________

c) g a r s s _____________

d) f i a r i s e ____________

e) p e r t y t _____________

Q2. Underline the correct spelling

a) Awake / aveke

b) Magik / magic

c) Asleep / asliep

d) Golden / goldan

e) Flawers / flowers

Q3. Form two new words from the given word

a) Sunshine _________ + ___________

b) playground_________ + ___________

c) Sunflower _________ + ___________

d) Postman _________ + ___________

e) newspaper _________ + ___________

Q4. Underline the odd one out:

a) Tomato, lily, radish, potato, beetroot.

b) Parrot, dove, snail, eagle, sparrow.

c) Cauliflower, marigold, lotus, tulip, jasmine

d) Oak, pine, table, mango, coconut.

e) Bear, sheep, fig, lion, snake

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