CBSE Class 10 Chemistry Worksheet - Periodic Classification of element

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CBSE Class 10 Chemistry Worksheet - Periodic Classification of element

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Chapter: Periodic Classification of element.

1. The atomic numbers of the three elements X, Y and Z are 2 ,6 and 10 respectively.

(i)Which two element belong to the same group?

(ii)Which two elements belong to the same period?Give reasons.

2. An element X belongs to 3rd period and group 2 of the periodic table. State

(a) Number of valance electrons.

(b) Valency

(c) Metal or non-metal.

(d) Name of the element.

3. An element X is in group 2 of the periodic table

(a) What will be the formula of its chloride.

(b)What will be the formula of its oxide.

4. An element X has mass number 40 and contains 21 neutrons in its atom.To which group of the periodic table does it belong?

5. Find the neutral atom in the periodic table which has the same number of electrons as K+ and Cl-. What is this number?

6. The elements X, Y and Z belong to group 2, 14 and 16 respectively of the periodic table

(a)Which two elements will form covalent bond?

(b)Which two elements will form an ionic bond?

7. The elements A, B, C and D belong to groups 1, 2, 14 and 17 respectively of

the periodic table. Which of the following pairs of elements would produce

a covalent bond?

(i)A and D (ii) C and D (iii) A and B (iv)B and C

8. A metal X is in the first group of the periodic table.What will be the formula

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