CBSE Class 8 English Unseen Poem 1

Important Unseen Poem for class 8 English

Unseen Poem (1)

Read the poem carefully:

I shan’t stop and wait

My path is rough, my goal is far,

And mishappenings my pathway bar,

 I have been made for such a fate,

 But I shan’t stop and wait!

               At me people laugh and jeer,

               But I shove away all fear!

               In reaching my goal i may be late,

              But I shan’t stop and wait!

Let the hills block my path:

Let the sea rage its wrath!

And try to make me hesitate,

But I shan’t stop and wait!

                Let the lightning strike me down!

                Let the rains also me drown!

               And reduce me to the saddest state ---

               But I shan’t stop and wait!

O comes troubles! I shall you face!

In me fears you cannot raise!

Trap me in whatever bait.

But I shan’t stop and wait!

On the basis of your understanding of the poem, complete the summary with one word in each blank:

The poet says that he shall not 1.__________and 2.__________ even if his path is 3.__________and his goal is far. He is firm that he is made for such a fate. People may 4._________and jeer at him for making vain attempts to achieve, yet he will remove all his fear and reach his goal, probably 5.___________. Even when the hills of troubles block his path and the sea of hatred show its wrath and try to make him 6.______________ in reaching his goal, he will not give up. Nor will he give in even when the 7._____________of obstacles strikes him down or rain of miseries drown him in to the deep waters of trouble to reduce him to the ­­­­­­­­­­8.__________state. With great poise, the poet resolves to remain fearless in the face all the troubles that may trap him in the bait of misery and distress as he is determined not to allow them to bog him down from reaching his goal.



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