CBSE Class 10 English

CBSE Class 10 English HOTs The frog and the Nightingale

The frog and the Nightingale

1 In spite of the frog’s crass cacophony how could he emerge as the winner?

1)Clever, manipulative-exploited the nightingale’s vulnerability

2 The Nightingale is responsible for her own death. Comment.

2)Too naïve to the explitative and cunning manipulations of the frog-lacked self belief.

3 What characteristics helped the frog to overpower the Nightingale?

3)Shrewd, cunning,boastful who took advantage of the Nightingale’s timidity.


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CBSE Class 10 English HOTs Ode to the West wind

Ode to the West wind

Q1.”Ode to the West wind” is a symbolic poem. Discuss.

1)The West Wind is symbol of destruction & rejuvenation – degeneration& regeneration – death & rebirth/resurrection.

Q2.Why does the poet want to become the West Wind? How does he justify that the wind is super power?


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CBSE Class 10 English HOTs Night of the scorpion

Night of the scorpion

Q1.Describe the behaviour of the villagers as depicted in the poem.

Superstitious, traditional, with the peace of understanding on each face

Q2.How is the poem ‘Night of the Scorpion,-a true expression of Indian sensibility?

Traditional villagers, all gathered together for a common good.-symbol of loving motherhood ready to suffer and thank God for sparing her children.

Q3.What is the concept of ‘good and evil’ mentioned in the poem?


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CBSE Class 10 English HOTs The Ultimate Safari

Q1. You are the guide taking the refugees across the Kruger Park. You are filled with fear and apprehension. Make a diary entry expressing your feeling after successfully reaching the camp.

Q2. As the narrator of the Ultimate Safari write a paragraph on the life in the war torn Mozambique.

Q3.”I want them to learn so that they can get good jobs and money.”What idea do you form about grand mother’s mind in relation to life and country?

Q4.Why does Nadine Gordimer call her narrative “The Ultimate Safari?”


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CBSE Class 10 English HOTs The Letter

The Letter

1. “ The grief of separation is inescapable”. How is this proved in the case of coachman Ali

2. Miriam received the letter from Lakshmi Das and is filled with remorse at her father’s death. She expresses her sorrow as a diary entry. Write the diary entry.

3. How could Ali tolerate so much of insults and rude behaviour of the post office staff for five years?


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CBSE Class 10 English HOTs Cutie Pie

Cutie Pie

1“Sensationalism and consumerism is the way of world”. Substantiate this statement in relation to the lesson “Cutie Pie”.

2.Earth astonished him. Why and how?

3 Write in a paragraph on Cutie Pie’s impression about earth and earthlings.

4 Cutie Pie’s escape from ‘the scientific tomb’ was welcome both to the scientists’ and Cutie Pie himself. Do you agree? Give reasons


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CBSE Class 10 English HOTs The Tribute


Q1. “ A small hole can sink a ship”. Discuss this with reference to the lesson “The Tribute”

Q2. You are one of the villagers who is closely associated with Babuli’s family and a witness to the partition. Make a diary entry expressing your feelings about the family and the partition.

Q3.‘I shrank with in for not writing letters home all these days’. Why did Babuli feel so? He realizes that the material city life has changed his sensibility and sensitivity towards his family-blames himself for being negligent.


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CBSE Class 10 English HOTs Travel And Tourism


1. Imagine that you are Radhika Roy, the cultural secretary of your school and you are highly concerned about the sudden decline of the tourists from other countries to your country. Study the information given below and write a speech stressing the importance of tourism. Make a few practical suggestions to improve the tourism industry in the country in about 150 words.


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CBSE Class 10 English HOTs Science

1. Based on the picture given below and ideas from unit 'Science' write a speech to be delivered in your school assembly on the increasing role that technology has come to play in our daily lives. (Word-limit : 200 words) 10

2. Mobile phones have gained popularity and have become almost in-dispensable. But its advantages and handiness can't make us blind to the harmful impact of the electromagnetic radiation emanated on it. Using your own ideas and with the help of unit on 'Science' of MCB, illuminate the harmful aspect of mobiles. 10


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CBSE Class 10 English HOTs Education



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