NCERT Solutions Class 7 Social Science Geography Life in the Deserts

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NCERT Solutions for Class 7 for Social Science Geography Chapter 10 Life in the Deserts

1. Answer the following questions.

(a) What are the two types of deserts found in the world?

Ans. Depending on the temperatures, two types of deserts are hot deserts and cold deserts.

(b) In which continent is the Sahara desert located?

Ans. Sahara desert is located in the continent of Africa.

(c) What are the climatic conditions of the Ladakh desert?

Ans. Due to the high altitude of Ladakh, the climate is extremely cold and dry. There is little rainfall, as low as 10 cm every year. The area experiences freezing winds and burning hot sunlight.

(d) What mainly attracts tourists to Ladakh? 

Ans. Main tourist attractions of Ladakh are visits to the gompas, treks to see the meadows and glaciers, and witnessing ceremonies and festivities of local people.

(e) What type of clothes the people of the Sahara desert wear?

Ans. People of the Sahara desert wear heavy robes as protection against dust storms and hot winds.

(f) Name the trees that grow in Ladakh. Ans. Trees that grow in Ladakh are willows, poplars, apples, apricots and walnuts.


2. Tick the correct answer.

(i) Sahara is located in which part of Africa

(a) eastern           (b) northern                  (c) western

(ii) Sahara is what type of desert

(a) cold              (b) hot                           (c) mild

(iii) The Ladakh desert is mainly inhabited by

(a) Christians and Muslims (b) Buddhists and Muslims . (c) Christians and Buddhists

(iv) Deserts are characterised by 

(a) scanty vegetation (b) heavy precipitation (c) low evaporation

(v) Hemis in the Ladakh is a famous

(a) temple           (b) church               (c) monastery

(vi) Egypt is famous for growing

(a) wheat            (b) maize                   (c) cotton


3. Match the following. 

(i) Oasis           (a) Libya 

(ii) Bedouins     (b) monastery 

(iii) Oil             (c) glacier 

(iv) Gangri       (d) depressions with water 

(v) Lamayuru   (e) cold desert 

                          (f) Sahara 



(i) Oasis  (d) depressions with water 

(ii) Bedouins  (f) Sahara 

(iii) Oil  (a) Libya 

(iv) Gangri  (c) glacier 

(v) Lamayuru  (b) monastery 


4. Give reasons.

(i) There is scanty vegetation in the deserts.

Ans. There is scanty vegetation in the deserts because of extremely high or low temperatures and very little rainfall. These extreme climatic conditions are not suitable for the vegetation to grow.

(ii) People of the Sahara desert wear heavy robes.

Ans. People of the Sahara desert wear heavy robes to protect themselves from the dust storms and hot winds. These heavy robes also protect them from sun.

5. Map skills.

(i) On the outline map of Africa, mark the Sahara desert and any four countries around it.



(ii) On the outline map of India, mark the Karakoram Range, Zanskar Range, Ladakh and Zoji La pass. 






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