NCERT Solutions Class 7 Social Science Geography Human Environment Settlement Transport Communication

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NCERT Solutions for Class 7 for Social Science Geography chapter 7 Human Environment: Settlement, Transport Communication


1. Answer the following questions: 

(i) What are the four means of transport? 

Ans. The four major means of transport are: 

(a) Roadways 

(b) Railways 

(c) Waterways

(d) Airways 


(ii) What do you understand by the term ‘settlement’? 

Ans. The places where people build their homes are known as settlements. 


(iii) Which are the activities practised by the rural people? 

Ans. People in rural areas are engaged in activities like agriculture, fishing, forestry, crafts work, and trading, etc. 


(iv) Mention any two merits of railways. 

Ans. The railways carry: 

(a) People over long distances, and 

(b) Heavy goods in bulk over long distances quickly and cheaply 


(v) What do you understand by communication? 

Ans. The process of conveying information to others by speaking, writing, or using some other medium is known as communication. 


(vi) What is mass media? 

Ans. The various modes of communication like newspaper, radio, television, etc., through which one can communicate with a large number of people are collectively known as mass media. 


2. Tick the correct answer. 

(i) Which is NOT a means of communication? 

(a) telephone         (b) books             (c) table

(ii) Which type of road is constructed under the ground? 

(a) flyover             (b) expressways    (c) subways

(iii) Which mode of transport is most suitable to reach an island? 

(a) ship              (b) train                (c) car 

(iv) Which vehicle does not pollute the environment? 

(a) cycle            (b) bus                (c) aeroplane 


3. Match the following. 

(i) Internet            (a) areas where people are engaged in manufacturing, trade, and services 

(ii) Canal route      (b) closely built area of houses 

(iii) Urban areas    (c) houses on stilts 

(iv) Compact          (d) inland waterway settlement       

                            (e) a means of communication 


(i) Internet               (e) a means of communication 

(ii) Canal route         (d) inland waterway 

(iii) Urban areas        (a) areas where people are engaged in manufacturing, trade, and services 

(iv) Compact             (b) closely built area of houses Settlement 


4. Give reasons. 

(i) Today’s world is shrinking. 

Ans. Today’s world is shrinking because of improved means of transportation and communication. We can talk to any of our relatives and friends residing anywhere in the world because of the improved communication system. We can get the news from all over the world sitting in our home. We can also travel to any place in the world in a much reduced time as compared to earlier times because of the improved transport system. 


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