NCERT Solutions Class 7 Social Science Geography Environment

NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Social Science Geography Chapter 1 Environment


1. Answer the following questions: 

(i) What is an ecosystem? 

Ans. The relations between living organisms with each other, as well as with their surroundings form an ecosystem. An ecosystem can be as large as a rainforest or as small as a pond. 

(ii) What do you mean by natural environment? 

Ans. Natural environment includes all the living and non-living things that are naturally present on the earth. Land, water, air, plants, and animals comprise the natural environment. 

(iii) Which are the major components of the environment? 

Ans. The major components of environment are: 

(a) Natural Environment 

(b) Human Environment, and 

(c) Human made Environment 


(iv) Give four examples of human made environment. 

Ans. Examples of human made environment are: 

(a) Buildings 

(b) Bridges 

(c) Industries

(d) Parks 


(v) What is lithosphere? 

Ans. The solid crust or the hard top layer of the earth is known as lithosphere. It is made up of rocks and minerals and covered by a thin layer of soil. 


(vi) Which are the two major components of biotic environment? 

Ans. The two major components of biotic environment are: 

(a) Plants, and 

(b) Animals 


(vii) What is biosphere? 

Ans. The narrow zone of the earth, where land, water, and air interact with each other to support life is known as biosphere. 


2. Tick the correct answer: 

(i) Which is not a natural ecosystem? 

(a) Desert              (b) Aquarium         (c) Forest 

(ii) Which is not a component of human environment? 

(a) Land              (b) Religion              (c) Community 

(iii) Which is a human made environment? 

(a) Mountain          (b) Sea                    (c) Road 


(iv) Which is a threat to environment? 

(a) Growing plant 

(b) Growing population

(c) Growing crops 


3. Match the following: 

(i) Biosphere          (a) blanket of air, which surrounds the earth 

(ii) Atmosphere      (b) domain of water 

(iii) Hydrosphere    (c) gravitational force of the earth 

(iv) Environment    (d) our surroundings 

                                (e) narrow zone where land, water, and air interact 

                                (f) relation between the organisms and their surroundings 


(i) Biosphere           (e) narrow zone where land, water, and air interact 

(ii) Atmosphere       (a) blanket of air, which surrounds the earth 

(iii) Hydrosphere     (b) domain of water 

(iv) Environment     (d) our surroundings 


4. Give reasons. 

(i) Man modifies his environment. 

Ans. Earlier, human beings led a simple life and fulfilled their requirements from the nature around them. As time passed, our needs grew and to fulfill our needs, we started to modify our environment.  

(ii) Plants and animals depend on each other. 

Ans. Plants and animals depend on each other to fulfill their needs. Plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen necessary for the survival of animals. They are also the primary source of food for all the animals. On the other hand, animals release carbon dioxide, which are used by the plants to prepare their food through the process of photosynthesis. The dead and decaying animals also provide nutrition to many plants. 



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