NCERT Solutions Class 7 Social Science Civics Women Change the World

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NCERT Solutions for Class 7 for Social Science Civics Chapter 5 Women Change the World


1. How do  you think stereotypes, about what women can  or  cannot do, affect women's right to equality?


Stereotypes about  what  women  can or cannot  do affect women's  right  to equality:

(i)  Women do not get the  identical  support  that  boys get. (ii)  Women are considered substandard to men.

(iii)  They are not sent to educational institutions.

(iv)  Women are encouraged to see matrimony as their future instead  of higher  education.

(v)  They are not paid likewise  to men for the same  work.

(vi)  Women are assigned  domestic works as their  primary concern.


2. List one  reason why learning the alphabet was so important to women like Rashsundari Devi, Ramabai and Rokeya.


Rashsundari Devi, Ramabai  and Rokeya were able to achieve  their  goal only  by education. They were able to impact  the  society  by writing their  ideas or stories  or setting  up schools which could have never  been achieved without learning. Thus, learning the alphabet was so important because  it not  only helped  them  in their  day to day life but also helped them  in pursuing their  education and dream.

3. "Poor girls  drop  out  of school  because they  are not interested in getting education". Re-read the last  paragraph on page  62  and  explain why  this statement is not true.


The statement "Poor girls drop  out of school because they  are not interested in getting education" is not true because:

(i) In many  parts  of the country, especially  in rural  and poor areas, there  may not even be proper  schools or teachers  who teach on a regular basis.

(ii)  Parents are reluctant to send their  girl child to distant schools due to lack of transportation.

(iii)  Sometimes parents  are unable  to bear the cost of education.

(iv)  Boys get partiality over girls for seeking  education.

(v)  Sometimes, their  teacher  and classmates too discriminate against  them.

4. Can you describe two  methods of struggle that the women's movement used to raise  issues?  If you had to organize a struggle against stereotypes, about what women can or cannot do, what method would you employ from the  ones  that you have read about? Why  would you choose  this  particular method?


Two methods  of struggle that  the  women's  movement used to raise issues:

Campaigning: It is an important part  of the women's movement which is used to fight  discrimination and violence  against  women.  Women work  in an organized  and collective manner  to achieve  their  goals.

Protesting: Women use public  rallies  and demonstrations as a very  powerful weapon  for drawing attention to injustices by the method of protesting.

I would choose campaigning as a method  to struggle against  stereotypes. In this  method, we get clear idea about  what  people think of women.  It is also a peaceful and organized  method.


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